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Bertil F. Dorch’s background in astrophysics includes positions as a research scientist at the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, at the University of Copenhagen, and at the University of Southern Denmark. He received his PhD degree in physics from The Niels Bohr Institute in 1998 and his Master’s in astronomy in 1995.

Since 2013 Dorch is Director of the Research and University Library at SDU. In this capacity, Dorch e.g. serves e.g. as Chair of the university’s Data Management Forum, and as a member of the university’s PhD coordinating committee, and Research Support committee, respectively.

Currently, Bertil F. Dorch teach responsible conduct of research (RCR) and is course director of the mandatory RCR PhD courses at SDU. Dorch is affiliated to the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy at SDU as Associate Professor.

Dorch’s professional interests include topics within stellar astrophysics and magnetism, scholarly communication, responsible conduct of research, strategical management, scholarly publishing, especially within the natural sciences. Dorch regularly participates in public outreach within astronomy and astrophysics, as well as being active in public and research political debate.

Dorch was three times elected President of the Danish Research Library Association during the period from 2014 to March 2020 and serves as a board member of various national and international organizations. Dorch is member of IAU Commission C4 and the following IAU Divisions: A, B, C, E and G.


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